Polikarpov Type Construction Kit

A child’s imagination is an unlimited source of new worlds.
This wooden construction kit can provide an always new environment for kids’ play.
Let your children create and be part of their small adventures.

Big construction kit

stavebnice polikarpovkaAssemblies put together from geometric solids
Construction kit consists of hollow geometric solids, which can be interconnected using rods and pins of various lengths. You can interconnect individual parts to form stable structures, such as castles, carts, skills tracks, or pirate ships, etc.

Completely produced from wood
The basic material is a 5-ply wooden blockboard. It contains five cross-arranged plies ensuring the high strength of the final material. The core is made from a soft wood, such as pine or spruce, to ensure the low weight of the finished product. Two plies of birch veneers are applied on the top to provide surface resistance to mechanical damage. Traditional joiner’s techniques are used to create joints to ensure the high strength of the finished product.

Fun for children in nursery school and home
The construction kit is intended for children from 3 to 12 years of age. You can find it in nursery schools, youth centers, and generally in places where children spend their time together. It is also suitable for home playrooms (especially the smaller version called Kubik). The construction kit can be used outdoors as well. It is suitable for children with visual disabilities, intellectual disabilities and autism.


Select the kit, or create your own
Wooden Polikarpov-type construction kit is available in three basic versions: Filip, Sara, and Max. The only difference is number of parts contained in the kit. The fourth option is a size-reduced version of the construction kit, called Kubik. All parts of the kit can be delivered separately, so you can create a customized kit according to your requirements and preferences.


Advantages of Polikarpov type construction kit

Lightweight and very strong construction

Wooden construction kit is extraordinarily strong and robust. The cross arrangement of various types of wood combined with traditional joiner's joints form an almost indestructible construction.
These properties were verified by loading test performed within process of construction kit certification.


Development of children's character and skills

Playing with construction kit helps to children to develop number of skills and qualities. The constructional character of the kit helps to improve their sense of logic and 3D navigation. They train rough motor skills, haptics, memory and perception, and improve their vocabulary at the same time. Playing motivates children for working in the team and helps to form their social roles.


Construction kit versions


polikarpova stavebnice varianta SáraThe basic version of Polikarpov-type construction kit enables children to create simple 3D assemblies (carts, shops, cars, playgrounds). It contains hollow geometric solids made from wood: blocks, cubes, wedges, cylinders, wheels and rods of various lengths. The children learn to cooperate and communicate with others, improve 3D imagination and creativity, and practice rough motor skills. They discover geometric shapes, as well as terms „long, short, small, big, first, second, center, above, below, front, rear, etc.“ It is excellent training tool and gear for motion activities.
It is possible to extend the kit with other parts, or to buy another kit and use them together.

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polikarpova stavebnice varianta FilipIt enables to children to create and assemble complex assemblies according to their imagination. The extended construction kit contains hollow geometric solids made from wood: block, cube, wedge, cylinder, half-cylinder, wheels and rods of various lengths. You interconnect the parts to create various 3D assemblies, such as ships, theaters, cars, etc.
It is possible to extend the kit with other parts, or to buy another kit and use them together.

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polikarpova stavebnice varianta MaxThe child at play shows its individuality and becomes involved in collective feelings at the same time. The child is part of a group, and there is no emphasis on its performance. The only important aspect is the joy of playing.

Playing with the Max construction kit helps to children develop their imagination and creativity. The Max construction kit contains hollow geometric solids made from wood: blocks, cubes, wedges, half-cylinders and cylinders. These parts can be interconnected and form unlimited amount of 3D assemblies. It has multipurpose use. The construction kit for playing it the same as „set piece“ for theater or sport gear for sports.

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polikarpova stavebnice varianta KubíkThis wooden construction kit was derived from the Polikarpov-type construction kit. It has a smaller size and weight and thus enables better construction and connecting of individual parts. It is suitable especially for pre-school children (2-6 years). It develops a child’s rough and fine motor skills, which is important for correct development of speech, and later, writing. The child learns to focus on an activity and use its own thinking and creativity.

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We play with Polikarpov-type construction kits

I work as a teacher in nursery school in Jicin. Playing is the most important children’s activity in pre-school age. Playing develops their abilities and skills, supports their creativity and imagination. It develops and creates their personality. I have very good experience with the Polikarpov-type construction kit. Children also took to this kit due to its variability and diversity of possible usages.

How frequently children play with the construction kit?

They like to use it in the morning for topical games, such as shopping, sailors, trains, etc. where they use it for creating of the environment and really enjoy it. With these games, the children learn to work together and achieve consensus to reach the goal.

Polikarpov-type construction kit as a theater

Children like fairy tales and dramatization. We’ve used the Polikarpov-type kit to create the „set piece“.

Polikarpov-type construction kit as sports gear

Another great opportunity for use of the construction kit are motion activities. Specifically, you can use individual parts as obstacles in skills tracks (to climb over, crawl under, vault over an obstacle).

The construction kit is big and lightweight

A big advantage is that the construction kit is lightweight, so the children can handle it by themselves or with the teacher’s help. For safety reasons, the children should not play with the construction kit without a teacher’s supervision. Especially, we did not give the log rods to unattended children.

I wish to all children and teachers a lot of joy and positive experience with this classical wooden construction kit.

Katerina Tomickova, Teacher in Nursery School Jicin

I would like to thank you for your helpful attitude during the placing of our order for Polikarpov-type construction kit. The purchase of this kit was much appreciated by parents.

The kit is used by children in the nursery school (3 – 6 years of age) and in the youth center (1st – 5th class). The children use the kit to construct various tracks, trains, houses, airplanes, cars and ships. It also proved useful as the tool suitable to develop children’s cooperation, communication and manual skills. More connection parts, rods, wheels and ladder allow for more extensive use at play.

Machova Hedvika, Leader Teacher in Nursery and Elementary School Svata Mari

Polikarpov-type construction kit is very popular among pre-school children, but elementary school children use it as well. They can arrange the parts to create cars, trains, ships, space shuttles, tractors, etc. Children do not need instructions; they do not want to be limited. So their imagination and creativity work without restrictions. But we use the construction kit also to play theater, or to practice skilfullness in skills tracks. Our children love building a tepee – we just organize cubes, rods, spread the canopy… and the tribe can gather! The advantage of the kit is possibility to connect individual parts to form rigid assemblies which can be used by children to sit on or crawl through. The assemblies are strong, stable in shape and the kit is almost indestructible.

Marketa Plavinova, Teacher in Nursery School Nesovice

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